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Subtropical Whangarei Quarry Garden

Subtropical Quarry Garden WhangareiA paradise for plant lovers, a nice surprising stroll for everyone else, the Subtropical Quarry Garden can match many botanical gardens around the world. Considering that it is a volunteer project which only started in 1997, with free entry and funded by donations, the variety and maturity of spectacular exotic plants is astonishing. You can easily imagine what a beautiful place this will be in another ten years, when all the planned results of its caretakers will be visible.

Subtropical Quarry Garden WhangareiThe success is also due to the fantastic setting within the terraced amphitheatre of an old quarry. The stone walls conserve the heat from morning sun to sunset, the steep walls keep the wind out and two scenic waterfalls with a lake provide the necessary water for plants to thrive on.

Subtropical Quarry Garden WhangareiThe mild Northland climate with plenty of humidity and strong sun all year round guarantees a healthy environment for all sorts of plants that would struggle to grow elsewhere in New Zealand. You will always find dozens of species in bloom, from bromeliads to orchids, lillies, New Zealand natives, succulents, hibiscus, roses, palms, cycads, aloes, agavas, clematis, bird of paradise, heliconias, monsterias, begonias, dahlias, gardenias, iris, bananas, grasses, camellias, herbs etc... And with the flowers and the native bush around come the birds and butterflies.

Subtropical Quarry Garden WhangareiYou can easily walk there from our Bed and Breakfast in 10mins, it is located in the middle of Russell Road and signposted from State Highway 1. The gates close at 5pm but you can always park outside the gate and explore in the nice light before sunset. You can walk to the lake and another way back in 20 minutes, add the bromeliad garden on the way or Subtropical Quarry Garden Whangareieven follow one of the signed walking tracks that join other walk ways. If you are interested in the myriad details it might take you two hours to explore the lower grounds alone. And if you enjoyed yourself please don’t forget to leave a small donation in their box.

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