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Did you know that...
  • Whangarei will host 2 Rugby World Cup games in 2011?
  • Maori chiefs were once buried on Mt. Manaia?
  • You can find 500 year old Kauri trees close to the center (Canopy Walk)?
  • You can see protected bush from every spot in Whangarei
  • Orca families visit Whangarei harbour in winter to eat stingrays?
  • You can see a live Kiwi in the Whangarei Museum (his name is Manuiti)?
  • Whangarei has 156kms of hand made stone walls?
  • Cousteau thought the Poor Knights are a world top 10 dive site?
  • Little Blue penguins live on the offshore islands?
  • Whangarei has 270kms of coastline?
  • More than 100 beaches and bays are waiting for you?
  • Whangarei means something like “cherished harbour where the spermwhales gather”?
  • No point in the district is over 40kms from the Pacific Ocean?
  • Rikoriko (Poor Knights) is the largest sea cave in the world?
  • Whangarei has the world’s largest collection of scented camellias?
  • In mid-winter (August) we have 30 plants blooming in our garden alone?
  • Whangarei is NZ’s warmest city?
  • The biggest sundial south of the equator can be changed to show summertime?
  • Whangarei has NZ's largest public collection of native ferns?
  • The replica ship Endeavour was partly built in Whangarei?
  • There are 5 different parks in Whangarei town centre?
  • Whangarei has many orchid, avocado and citrus orchards?
  • In Whangarei every fourth person is a Maori?
  • The Whangarei region has 12 golf courses?
  • Sea horses, penguins, seals, kiwi, stick insects, praying mantis, parrots, etc. live here?
  • Parihaka and many other hills are extinct volcanoes?
  • The Native Bird Recovery Centre rescues and cares for 1200 birds a year?
  • The Rainbow Warrior comes here for maintenance work, as are many superyachts?
  • Whangarei has the oldest grower's market in Australasia, with up to 6500 visitors (Saturday morning)?
  • Whangarei decided to build a 9.5m$ Hundertwasser Museum after his original plans?
  • Keith Urban was born in Whangarei?
  • In Waipu some of the last 40 Fairy Terns in the world try to survive?
  • A Whangarei built superyacht won the 2008 World Superyacht Awards? Whangarei grown jeweller Michael Hill’s superyacht also won an award there.
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